Frequently Asked Questions& Answers

Do I need to bring a hairdryer?

Nope. We have two hairdryers for you to use, one in each bathroom, so save your luggage space for souveniers or something else fun.

Do you provide towels?

Most certainly. We have bath towels (and wash cloths and hand towels), kitchen towels and a set of beach towels. We also provide all linens - sheets, blankets and quilts.

How about toilet paper? Do I need to bring that?

We provide a starter set of paper products - a roll of toilet paper for each bathroom, a roll of paper towels, and paper napkins. If you're staying more than a couple days, you will likely need to purchase more at a nearby store.

What should I pack or bring with me?

The house is fully furnished with linens, dishes, small appliances, furniture and more - everything you need except your personal items. We also provide hand soap and basic cleaning supplies. We do not provide shampoo or toiletries. You'll want to bring your clothes, favorite toiletries and groceries (which you can purchase in town or on your way).

Do you provide baby furniture?

At this time, we do not have any baby furniture. If you are bringing an infant or toddler, we recommend you bring your own travel furniture (pack-n-play, high chair, etc.)

Can I bring my pets?

Tell us about your pet when booking and we will consider it. For approved pets, we have a non-refundable pet fee to cover the cost of additional cleaning. Guests who bring pets that are not approved in advance will be asked to leave without a refund.

Can I tour the property before booking?

No, this is not standard practice in the vacation rental industry. For the safety of our property and staff, we do not show the house to prospective renters. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any information you are unable to find on our website. We also encourage you to read our reviews (and the reviews of any property before booking) as those are often very helpful.

Can we have a party / reunion / get-together / holiday event at the house?

We understand families like to get together and the house can seem like a convenient place. However, we cannot accommodate large groups, parties, events and such. Overnight guests are limited to 6 max, and daytime guests are limited to 10 total (including overnight guests). We do not permit more than 3 vehicles at the property at a given time. If you are planning a get-together, we suggest the picnic pavillons at Gold Head State Park or picnic tables at Keystone Beach - both are perfect for such events. (Please keep in mind, this is a residential neighborhood. Guests who disturb our neighbors may be asked to leave without refund.)

Are we supposed to clean before we leave?

Guests are responsible for leaving the kitchen clean (dishes, appliances, refrigerator, counters, etc.). We will clean the bathrooms and all floors, dust and do the laundry. Aside from those items, you are responsible for leaving the house as you found it and with everything in its original location. We provide you with an easy to follow departure checklist before you arrive, and we also keep a copy in the house notebook. If you are unsure about something, we're more than happy to help.

Is the house wheelchair or walker accessible?

The house is technically not wheelchair accessible. There are three large steps to enter the front door. The back, on the other hand, has 3 smaller steps. You must be able to walk up these steps to get into the house, or have assistance in doing so. Neither entrance provides handrails. Once inside the house, a wheelchair or walker can be used as the floors are all hard surface floors. The bathrooms have tubs with showers, so they are not handicap accessible. Otherwise, with assistance or some degree of mobility, a guest in a wheelchair or walker should be able to move about the house without problem.

Have a questions that's not listed above? Let us know! We're glad to help.